What's the situation in Greece right now?

If you're asking, what's the current situation in Greece now / what's going on in Greece now / how are things in Greece, then this page will help you track it:

Jan 1: Calmness
Nov 2 - Dec 31: Lack of updates on my part - but nothing major.
Nov 1: Two Golden Dawn members gunned down - probably by provocateurs-"terrorists".
Oct 8-Oct 31: Calmness
Oct 3-Oct 7: Golden Dawn popularity in decline as polls show
Sep 29-Oct 2: Shockwaves after Golden Dawn arrests
Sep 28: Golden Dawn leaders and parliament members arrested for being in charge of a criminal organization 
Sep 26-27: Calmness
Sep 24-25: Strikes. The University of Athens and the National Technical University of Athens have been shut down due to lack of human resources (!).
Sep 21-23: Relative calmness after the murdering of Fissas. A week of strikes for public employees starts from Monday.
Sep 17-20: Public school teachers and other public employees on strike. A Golden Dawn member killed an anti-fa on the 17th. Tension ensued with sporadic violence.
July 19-Sep 16: Calmness
July 18: Schoeble arrives in Athens. All protests are banned.
July 17: Strikes and protests in Athens
July 16: General strike and protests in Athens
July 15: Strikes in local governments
July 11-14: Calmness
July 10: Government launched "EDT" - which is supposedly the new public television, from some private studios and while guarded by riot police.
June 25-July 9: ERT still closed, despite court order.
June 24: Government reform with more PASOK ministers.
June 22-23: ERT occupation continues by its employees, while the government has not yet allowed it to re-broadcast, against the supreme court order.
June 21: Samaras (ND) and Venizelos (PASOK) seem to agree to continue with the government coalition. Kouvelis (DHMAR) has bailed out but will still give parliamentary support when needed.
June 18-20: Government ignores court order. ERT still black.
June 17: Court orders the government to re-open the state TV and radio
June 14-16: Thousands of people outside the building of ERT
June 13: Public sector strike for the closing of ERT
June 12: Reactions for the closing of ERT
June 11: ERT (state owned tv/radio) shutting down for financial reasons. Media strike due to the sudden government decision.
May 16-June 10: Calmness
May 14-15: Ongoing tension due to the junta-like teachers mobilization.
May 13: Tension in Chalkidiki mines. Teacher protests versus the government's unconstitutional way of mobilizing them.
May 12: Calmness
May 11: Government will forcefully "mobilize" teachers who are on strike. These are junta-like measures.
May 4-10: Calmness
May 3: Tension in Sintagma Square during religious representation of "epitafios", between citizens and politicians
May 2: Tension in Sintagma Square, as Golden Dawn tried to distribute food to Greeks. Athens' mayor, called the police to remove Golden Dawn. The whole incident, indirecty promotes Golden Dawn as the "good guys".
May 1: OPAP, state-owned gambling monopoly, sold off at a ridiculously low price.
April 29-30: Calmness. Eyes on Cyprus now for their parliamentary vote on their memorandum. (Update: Memorandum passed)
April 28: New austerity measures passed in a parliamentary process which left no room for disagreement for parliament members of the governing parties, due to the way it was passed (a huge law under one article - so that nobody could vote down separate articles). The measures are prerequisite for the next loan tranche which is given out to Greece (to repay maturing debt - in a rolling fashion)
April 26-27: Calmness
April 25: Government attempting to bypass the court system regarding workers rights. A totally unconstitutional measure.
April 24: Some tension in a Greek university, where the Greek indymedia site is hosted. The government wants it shut down (because it's hosted in university servers) but anarchists disagree. Arrests were made.
April 18-23: Calmness
April 17: About 30 immigrants were shot or otherwise hurt in a strawberry plantation, by Greeks who owned the strawberry fields
Apri 13-16: Relatively Calm
April 8-12: Silent bank run in progress due to media speculation about the future of Ethniki and Eurobank (two large Greek banks). Stock market extremely volatile for banks, and especially Eurobank. Gold sovereign coins in very high demand.
April 7: Protest of first-degree syndicates
April 6: Calmness
April 4-5: Calmness in Greece (with the exception of ongoing protests in Chalkidiki gold mines) / Protests in Cyprus
April 1-3: Calmness / increased rate of bank withdrawals as the government is unable to convince citizens that their deposits are "guaranteed" (when indeed they are not)
March 31: Protest outside parliament.
March 30: Calmness.
March 29: Parallel bank run in Cyprus (300 euro withdrawal limit) and Greece. In Greece it is occuring with less frequency / intensity, with no withdrawal limits, but bank personnel have been instructed to stall people who want to pull all their money out with various excuses.
March 28: Banks open in Cyprus. Students protests outside Greek parliament due to destructive "reforms" in education.
March 27: Branches of Cypriot banks in Greece open, under new ownership (bought out by Greek bank "Trapeza Pireos"). Depositors withdrawing their money. Cyprus situation escalating in a humanitarian problem: Lack of basic supplies. 5 billion euro in cash are airlifted to the island so that the banks can open the next day.
March 26: Branches of Cypriot banks in Greece, bought out by Greek bank. Will probably open tomorrow. Demonstrations in Cyprus
March 25: Numbness due to the Cyprus deal. Thousands of policemen prevented people from attending the military parade of 25th March, so that their anger could not be expressed towards the politicians. Junta-like situations continuing in Greece.
March 24: Protests in 25th March parade downtown Athens - thousands of policemen and riot police to subdue any resistance. Demonstrations in Cyprus as the President of Cyprus goes for talks with the Europeans.
March 19-23: Cypriot-owned banks in Greece are shut down to prevent bank run. Ongoing demonstrations in Cyprus.
March 17-18: Greeks getting ready for small bank run in Tuesday when the banks open.
March 16: Cypriot bank deposit haircut, imposed by the EU. People are nervous. Greeks and Cypriots lost money.
March 13-15: Calmness
March 12: Demonstrations against the gold looting and environmental destruction in Chalkidiki
March 11: Calmness
March 10: Small demonstration outside parliament
March 8-9: Calmness
March 7: State terrorism against the people of Chalkidiki who oppose the goldmine looting operations.
March 5-6: Calmness
March 1-4: Political arguments over the death of the students, due to the policies that impoverish people and forcing the people to either live in cold conditions or opt for circumstances where accidents are multiplied.
Feb 28: 5 university students, found dead (2 of them) and near dead after using self-improvised heating device.
Feb 23-27: Calmness
Feb 22: Rain floods in Athens
Feb 21: Calmness
Feb 20: General strike
Feb 19: Journalists strike / Oland arrival
Feb 15-18: Calmness
Feb 14: Tension between police and farmers in certain road blocks / Government announces 27% unemp. rate, 61% for young people and 6% recession for 4th quarter of 2012.
Feb 6-13: Sporadic farmer protests / road blocks.
Feb 5: Military-style mobilization for naval workers who are on strike. Planned protests for tomorrow, in solidarity to these mobilized workers, from other work sectors. Second time that forced labour has been implemented in a short time space.
Feb 4: Calmness - public discussion ongoing about the issue of tortured anarchists / bank robbers by hellenic police.
Feb 3: Police caught red-handed photoshopping images of tortured anarchists / bank robbers.
Feb 1-2: Calmness
Jan 31: Strikes and protests (transportation, farmers etc)
Jan 30: Workers from left syndicates arrested for protesting in a minister's office
Jan 27-29: Calmness
Jan 26: Government mobilizes transportation workers in a military fashion (unconstitutionally)
Jan 25: More sectors go on strike / public transportation is effectively dead
Jan 24: Government uses martial-law type measure to force public transportation employees to get back to work. They resist en mass, even those who weren't on strike.
Jan 21-23: Strikes in public transportation
Jan 20: Small bomb exploded in a shopping mall, without casualties and after two warning calls to evacuate it
Jan 18-19: Calmness
Jan 17: Parliamentary discussion on the ex-finance ministers responsibilities for not utilizing possible leads on big tax evaders that had their money in Switzerland.
Jan 15-16: Ongoing media propaganda for "violence"
Jan 10-14: Tension between anarchists and government. Small bombs in bank ATMs, a few journalists houses and bullets in ND party offices. Could also be false flag / provocation acting as a diversion because during these days, extremely traitorous laws have been passed in the parliament (like surrendering the state property to debt-holders).
Jan 1-9 2013: Calmness
Dec 7-31: Calmness (frequent strikes in local government personnel)
Dec 6: Sporadic violence for Grigoropoulos death (same day, few years ago)
Nov 28-Dec5: Calmness
Nov 27: Media propaganda claiming the Eurogroup result was a great success for Greece - when in fact it did nothing to make the debt (or the economy) viable
Nov 18-26: Calmness
Nov 17: Anti-junta ('73) anniversary
Nov 15-16: Calmness
Nov 14: 3 hour strike (solidarity with other EU members having a strike). Normally it should be at least a full day strike but the unions are sold out to the government.
Nov 12-13: Calmness
Nov 11: Protests outside parliament during voting of government budget for 2013
Nov 10: Calmness
Nov 8-9: Strikes
Nov 6-7: General strikes and protests due to new austerity package which is voted in the parliament
Nov 5: Strikes
Nov 2-4: Calmness / multiple scenarios about government leaks and whether the new austerity measures will get the vote or not
Nov 1: (government is leaking parliament members / getting somewhat unstable)
Oct 30-31: Calmness (government is leaking parliament members / getting somewhat unstable)
Oct 29: Government practicing censorhsip (journalist Vaxevanis over tax evader list, tv presenter Arvanitis over the torture scandal involving Greek police and arrested protestors)
Oct 19-28: Calmness
Oct 18: General strike / sporadic violence in protests / many arrests / one sixty-five year old protestor dead from heart failure.
Oct 10-17: Calmness
Oct 9: Protests for Merkel's arrivement
Oct 8: Protests
Oct 5-7: Calmness
Oct 4: Tension with unpaid workers in Ministry of Defense
Sep 27-Oct 3: Calmness
Sep 26: General Strike & Protests
Sep 9-25: Calmness
Sep 8: Sporadic protests (Athens & Salonica)
Sep 5-7: Calmness
Sep 4: Pensioners storm health ministry due to the government neglecting their needs.
July 20-Sep 4: Calmness in the political / social front. Tax-wise, there is a tax-storm against the citizens, since early July. Gradually more people are called by the government to pay huge taxes. People don't have the necessary money to pay these taxes which are implemented over fictitious wealth.
June 22-July 19: Calmness. Problems with pharmaceutical supplies ongoing in various degrees since May.
June 21: Government sworn
June 18-20: Discussions for formation of coalition government. Bank-run stopped.
June 17: Election Day- Terror campaign and propaganda worked wonders. The 18% of 6th May for New Democracy became 29% in 17th of June. Syriza close in second place. Anti-memorandum forces are the majority of the voters throughout all parties.
June 16: Calmness (except some forest fires coupled with strong winds)
June 11-15: Calmness / Bank run intensifying as elections approach / propaganda and media terror have reached extreme levels so that people vote for New Democracy and not SYRIZA.
June 7-10: Calmness / Small bank run in progress / media terrorizing the population about possible euro-exit / propaganda escalating against SYRIZA by New Democracy.
May 28-June 6: Calmness / Small bank run in progress / media terrorizing the population about possible euro-exit
May 26-27: Calmness / Small bank run in process.
May 25: One year anniversary of the Greek Indignados movement.
May 16-24: Calmness / Small bank run in process.
May 15: New elections will be held in 17th June

May 7-14: Attempts at government formation
May 6: Elections - IMF & EU "bailout" deals got voted down big time through the crushing of the parties supporting them.
Apr 6-May 5: Calmness
Apr 5: Protests in athens for yesterday's suicide
Apr 4: 77 yr old commits suicide in Sintagma sq. due to the economic policies. People gather to protest and mourn.
Mar 26-Apr 3: Calmness
Mar 25: National anniversary of Greek Liberation (1821) - Parades all over the country are heavily policed so that people's anger will be suppressed. 
Mar 24: Students parade in Athens under heavy police protection so as to prevent people protesting
Mar 10-23: Calmness
Mar 9: Greek debt restructuring / Credit Event (per ISDA)
Mar 8: Calmness
Mar 7: Protest during Rhodes parade
Mar 1-6: Calmness
Feb 29: Protests and strikes for a few hours
Feb 26-28: Calmness
Feb 25: Prevention of false-flag terrorist attack in subway station
Feb 24: Calmness
Feb 23: PSI Deal got parliament approval
Feb 22: Protests in Athens
Feb 21: Protests during the Ioannina parade
Feb 20: Calmness
Feb 19: Protests in Athens
Feb 18: Protests in Athens and worldwide (solidarity with Greeks)
Feb 17: Small student protest in Athens
Feb 13-16: Calmness
Feb 12: Huge (mostly peaceful) protest + violence in Athens (some buildings burned)  - Memorandum 2 (actually 3) passed with 199 votes from Parliament.
Feb 8-11: Strikes/ Protests
Feb 6-7: Protests Athens
Jan 21-Feb 5: Calmness
Jan 20: Economic district attorney asks for the persecution of Papandreou and his ministers of finance for deliberately inflating the deficit.
Jan 19: Calmness
Jan 17-18: Strike
Jan 16: Calmness
Jan 15: Protest Sintagma
Jan 7-14: Calmness
Jan 6: People protested the presence of the President of Democracy during his public appearance.
Jan 1-5 2012: Calmness
Dec 7-31: Calmness
Dec 6: Protests (for the murder of Grigoropoulos on 6th Dec 2008)
Dec 2-5: Calmness
Dec 1: General Strike 
Nov 23-30: Calmness 
Nov 22: Protesters and syndicates occupy the Power Company building (as to prevent the cutting of power to people who have not paid a real-estate tax)
Nov 18-21: Calmness
Nov 17: Anti-junta ('73) anniversary 
Nov 11-16: Calmness
Nov 10: Papadimos (ex FED & ECB person) as new PM
Nov 7-9: Awaiting the new government leader
Nov 6: In the process of forming a new government
Nov 1-5: Government falling apart
Oct 31: Calmness- Government declared its intention for a referendum regarding the bailout
Oct 30: Protests

Oct 29: Calmness
Oct 28: Parades interrupted during the "No" anniversary
Oct 27: Booing of officials in school parades
Oct 26: Booing of defense minister
Oct 25: Transportation strikes

Oct 21-24: Calmness
Oct 20: Strikes & Protests(1 dead protestor - tear gas poisoning led to cardiac arrest)
Oct 19: Strikes & Protests (>450.000 in Sintagma)
Oct 17-18: Calmness
Oct 16: Protests
Oct 15: Protests Sintagma 
Oct 13-14: Transportation strike
Oct 6-12: Calmness

Oct 5: Public Sector Strike + Protest Sintagma
Oct 1-4: Protests Sintagma
Sep 30: Calmness
Sep 29: Taxi strikes
Sep 28: Transportation strikes

Sep 27: Transportation strikes+ Protests Sintagma sq.
Sep 26: Transportation strikes
Sep 25: Protest Sintagma (police tried to break it up)
Sep 22-24: Period of transportation strikes
Sep 21: Big protest Sintagma (against heavy taxation)
Sep 15-20: Calmness
Sep 14: Small protest Sintagma
Sep 13: Taxi driver protests
Sep 11-12: Calmness
Sep 10: Protests (mainly in Salonica, around the International Expo)
Sep 4-9: Calmness
Sep 3: Protest Sintagma Square
Aug 5-Sep 2: Calmness
Aug 2-4: Taxi strike ongoing
Aug 1: People March to Town Hall in order to protest police invasion / Taxi strikes continue
July 30-31: Taxi strike situation ongoing
July 29: Police invaded Sintagma Square during 4 am in order to remove the campers who remain there for over two months (the campers are determined that they won't leave until the politicians leave)
July 28: Authorities cut off the power in Sintagma square in order to force remaining protesters to leav
July 26-28: Taxi drivers continue strike
July 25 Protests in Sintagma, Taxi drivers continue strikes.
July 24: Protest in Sintagma square
July 21-23: Very small protest in Sintagma (taxi drivers protest ongoing)
July 18-19-20: Taxi drivers strike / small chaos on the streets
July 1-17: Peaceful protests
June 30: Peaceful protests - many people gathered despite what happened on the prior 2 days.
June 29: Undercover provocations, police brutality and massive amounts of tear gas to disperse the crowds. Mid-term plan was voted.
June 28: Big protest outside the parliament - violent provocations / use of tear gas by the police. Start of 2-day general strike.
June 27: Protests outside the parliament
June 26: Big protest outside the parliament
June 22-25: Protests outside the parliament
June 21: Big protest outside the parliament - vote of confidence for the government inside the parliament
June 20: Protests outside the parliament
June 19: Big protest outside the parliament / discussion about parliament members backing the government inside the building.
June 18: Protests outside the parliament
June 16-17: Government restructure. Small protests ongoing
June 15: Massive protest - parliament is going to vote Memorandum #2 and people have blocked all the square around the parliament to block the members of the parliament from doing so - it's possible that today the government will fall.
Massive provocations from undercover police officers in order for the police to use tear gas and disperse the crowd. 
June 13-14: People protesting in Athens main square (a few thousands to ten thousand)
June 12: Large protest (~60.000) in Athens main square and other central squares around Greece
June 6-11: People protesting in Athens main square (a few thousands to ten thousand)
June 5: Over 700.000 people in Athens main square / half a mile radius.
June 4: People demonstrations primarily in Athens main square
June 1-2-3: People demonstrations primarily in Athens and Salonica main squares.
May 31: Repeat of May 25 demonstrations primarily in Athens (~50.000 people). People blocked the parliament entrance, parliament members had to be hastened out through secondary exits / many people showed their "feelings" towards the parliament members during their escape.
May 30: Repeat of May 25 demonstrations primarily in Athens
May 29: 100.000 people in Sintagma square, outside the parliament in peaceful protest

May 26-28: Repeat of May 25 demonstrations primarily in Athens (despite sporadic rain)
May 25: People's gathering all around Greece for peaceful demonstrations  (@18:00) - Approximately 50.000 only in Athens.
May 13-24: Calmness
May 12: Small protest for police brutality
May 11: General strike + riots downtown Athens (serious injuries caused by police brutality to protesters).
Mar 2-May 10: Calmness
Feb 24 - Mar 1: Calmness
Feb 23: General strike (Over 70.000 people march in the streets of Athens) clashes outside of the parliament. Media blackout again, the whole world can see Athens, but Greece cannot due to "journalists strike" ;)
Feb 19-22: Calmness 
Feb 11-18: Calmness (small strikes, transportation, medical etc)
Feb 1-11: Calmness (period with medical strikes)
Jan 1-31 2011: Calmness (Early to mid Janyary: period with small strikes, mainly transportation)
Dec 21-31: Calmness
Dec 16-21: Calmness (small strikes, transportation, media etc)
Dec 15: Clashes downtown Athens, demonstrations in major cities around Greece
Dec 13-14: Small scale strikes (transportation) 
Dec 8-12: Calmness
Dec 7: Protests outside the parliament (IMF President in the Greek parliament)
Dec 6: Demonstrations and small scale clashes downtown Athens
Nov 18-Dec 5: Calmness
Nov 17: Police clashes with protesters (17th November anniversary) - media blackout on the protests, only the clashes were shown
Nov 16: Calmness
Nov 15: Protests
Nov 4-14: Calmness
Nov 2-3: Parcel explosives scare
Oct 2 to Nov 1: Calmness
Oct 1: Truckers end their strike - supply problems remain
Sep 25-30: Supply problems on the market
Sep 23-24: Slight supply problems on the market 
Sep 21-22: Truckers protest outside parliament
Sep 12-20: Calmness 
Sep 11: Protests Salonica
Sep 1-10: Calmness
Aug 2-31: Calmness
Aug 1: The truckers are still on strike, some grocery foods face lack of fresh food supplies, many gas stations have fuel. (update 19:42 - truckers ended their strike)
July 31: The truckers are still on strike, some grocery foods face lack of fresh food supplies, fuel is scarce but gas stations with gas are increasing in number.
July 30: Forceful mobilization is failing - Truckers still on strike - A number of gas stations currently has fuel (through privately owned trucks).
July 29: Forceful mobilization is failing - Truckers still on strike 
July 28: Truckers strike (problems in supply of products and fuel - gasoline running out almost everywhere) - Government ordered their forceful mobilization
July 26-27: Truckers strike (problems in supply of products and fuel) 
July 25: Calmness
July 24: Troktiko (Giolias blog) shutting down
July 21-23: Calmness 
July 19: Journalist Giolias assassinated 
July 16-18: Calmness
July 15: Calmness/Strikes 
July 9-14: Calmness
July 8: Strike for pension reform 
July 1-7: Calmness
June 30: Calmness
June 29: Protests / Strike (some violent clashes of people and police downtown Athens)
June 25-28: Calmness
June 24: Calmness (terrorist attack on Minister Hrisohoidis)
June 23: Calmness (protests and strikes)
June 6-22: Calmness
June 5: Calmness (protests against austerity) 
June 4: Calmness
June 3: Calmness (people protests to free Gaza)
June 2: Calmness
June 1: Calmness (people protests outside Israel embassy) 
May 31: Calmness (people protested outside Israel's embassy in Athens due to the naval events outside Gaza - protesters were dispersed by the Police with tear gas) 
May 21 to May 30: Calmness
May 20: Calmness - General strike and protests 
May 17 to May 19: Calmness
May 16: Calmness - tiny protest in Salonica (and tiny media cover)
May 15: Calmness - there was a huge peacefull protest in the center of Athens by the communist party, however there is a media blackout about it. The rationale is that the fewer the people are exposed to images of masses of people demonstrating, the less people will go to these demonstrations. Additionally it creates a "virtual reality" where everyone is seemingly ok with the government.
May 14: Calmness - a small bomb was placed in a court building in Salonica. Just like yesterday's bomb, there was a phone call to evacuate the building.
May 13: Calmness - In the evening there was a bomb explosion outside Koridalos prison complex (police had been notified to evacuate the area). While international media will probably tie this with the riots of 5th May, and generally giving the impression that Greece is destabilized / in chaos and anarchy, this is simply not the case.
May 12: Calmness - Peaceful protest (Klathmonos square) - Tiny media cover
May 11: Calmness 
May 10: Calmness 
May 9: Calmness - Peaceful protest (outside the Parliament) - Tiny media cover
May 8: Calmness 
May 7: Calmness
May 6: Calmness - Peaceful protest (outside the Parliament)- police attacked the protesters - Tiny media cover
May 5 2010: Riot in Athens (not Greece in general) - people attempted to storm the Parliament / 3 dead in a firebombed bank